3 Ways To Make Your Floor Pop

How Shape, Texture and Color Can Make A Difference

 1. It’s not your granddaddy’s hardwood

The Jamie Beckwith Collection of innovative wood flooring plays with pattern, texture and color in wood flooring to create interesting and gorgeous floors.

2. Put a cork in it

Especially well-suited to rooms that see a lot of activity, cork is a natural noise-reducer as well as being more cushioned than most flooring, which is a nice feature in rooms where you may stand much of the time, like your kitchen. Cork comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to play with pattern — like the dark tile accents in the floor below. Read more about the pros and cons of cork flooring here.

Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

3. Paint the floor red… or blue or checkered or…

From a classic diamond pattern to a blinding white to a pretty pattern, paint can be the easiest way to transform your floor. Check out these photos from Houzz:

A simple diamond pattern by Cameo Homes Inc. as seen on Houzz:

 A prettygingham by The Gaines Group

 as seen on Houzz:

 A pretty white floor from a Houzz user:












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