5 Apps Every Homeowner or Renter Should Have

1. What’s in your house?

Knowing what you have in your house can be invaluable when disaster strikes — with modern technology, it’s easy to do.

Both MyHome Scr.app.book, a smartphone app available for iPhone and Android, and WYO Home Inventory, a free program (Windows) help you inventory the contents of your home.

2. How’s your project going?

Whether you’re re-painting a room, building a new patio or upgrading your kitchen, chances are you are not near your computer — but you might have your phone handy. If you’re an iPhone user, NestPix is for you. This app lets you track, photograph, organize and share all your home DIY, renovation and craft projects.

3. Where are you going to live?

If you’re thinking of moving, check out Realtor and PadMapper for your phone. Realtor (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) brings you more than 4 million listings and lets you rate and annotate listings that catch your eye. PadMapper (Android, iPhone) brings together apartment listings from multiple free resources, including CraigsList and Apartments.com, and lets you see them on a map of the area you select.

4. Did you remember to…?

Check out HomeSmarts (from the contractor review site ServiceMagic), an app for iPhone and Android that will remind what you need to do and when. You tell the app about your home and it will alert you about round-the-house tasks you might otherwise forget, like changing your HVAC filters or winterizing your sprinklers.

5. What couch should you get?

The site that CNN has called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” has come to your phone: Houzz Interior Design Ideas is now available for the iPhone and iPad. There are more than half a million photos of rooms, products, landscapes, and styles, along with extensive tips, resources and ideas to inspire you.

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