3 Ways To Tell If Your Appliances Have Reached Their Expiration Date

1. Take the Kiplinger quiz

Kiplinger surveyed industry experts, trade associations and retailers to find out just how long you should expect home appliances to last — take their quiz and see how well you do when judging the lifespan of the things in your home. Check out their slideshow “Save $50 A Day: Utilities + Home Improvement” for more ideas.

2. Watch the video

iVillage posted a video from The Green Guide earlier this year to walk you through evaluating whether you should repair or replace your appliances.

3. CARE: Compare, Ask, Read, Evaluate

Lowes.com offers a ton of tips on how to get the most from your appliances including a series of articles on extending the lifespan of your dishwasher, your range, your refrigerator and more. The very first step is to CARE:

  • compare the cost of repair to the cost of a new appliance — take into consideration energy savings a more modern appliance might offer
  • ask an expert about the problem you’re having to make sure you know the extent of the issue and the repairs entailed
  • read the manual to see if the issue is a common one, and also to check what is covered by the warranty and for how long
  • evaluate the problem to see how much time and money a repair would cost you.

For more on whether to replace or repair, check out Consumer Reports’ repair-or-replace timelines.

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