10 Sneaky Ways to Find More Space

Tips & Tricks to Save Space and Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

1. Light it up

Dark rooms feel small. Add lights at different heights — on tables, the floor, the walls — to brighten your room and make it seem larger.

Bedroom-Design-for-Small-Rooms ijoos.jpg

Photo from Ijoos

2. Add shelves

Look over your doorways and windows, is there space for a shelf? For added impact, add a strip of tube lighting at the back of the shelf, either above or below.

shelf over window.jpg

Photo from Little House Well Done

3. Remove bulk

Clear furniture takes up less visual space in a room — try replacing your coffee or dining table with one with a glass top, or your dining chairs with acrylic ones.

ghost chair kitchen table.jpg

Photo from Elle Decor

4. Stack the beds

Bunk beds can be fun, stylish and space saving — from rustic to space age, you can find bunk beds to suit any décor.


Photo from Freshome

5. Mirror, mirror

Use mirrors to expand small spaces — if your kitchen is small, install a mirrored backsplash.

mirror kitchen backsplash.jpg

Photo from House Beautiful

6. Build in

Adding built-in cabinetry can add tons of storage without intruding on limited space.

Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

7. Go armless

Chairs without arms — whether in your living room, bedroom or dining room — offer seating while taking up far less real and visual space than arm chairs.

slipper chair decorpad.png

Photo from Decorpad

8. Discover opportunities

Awkward or unused spaces — such as dormers or under stairs — can be turned into useful task or storage areas.

Photo from Better Homes & Gardens


Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

9. Divide and conquer

A room divider can be visually useful to define separate spaces and functionally useful by providing additional storage and display space.

bookshelf room divider sunset.jpg

Photo from Sunset

10. Contain, contain, contain

Nothing makes spaces look smaller than clutter — beat clutter with trays, containers and boxes and your rooms will feel more spacious.

container shelf bathroom over door martha stewart.jpg

Photo from Martha Stewart




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