10 Simple Household Tips from Yesteryears that Still Work.

Did your grandmother always keep a clean home? Ever wonder how on earth she did it? Here are a few of her simple tips from days gone by that she may have forgotten to tell you that will surely help you keep your house tidy and neat all year round.

1) Got moths in the closet? Well these nasty pests have been around long before moth balls. Try hanging an old nylon stocking filled with cedar chips to keep these pests out of your sweaters.

2) Want a simple air freshener in your bathroom? Try spraying some perfume on the light bulb, when it is turned off. When your guest turns on the light, the heat from the bulb will evaporate the perfume and release its fragrance.

3) Last month’s leftovers leave a funny smell in your refrigerator? Clean it with a mixture of three tablespoons baking soda dissolved in250ml warm water to get rid of the smell.

4) Is your home starting to feel like a cave? Try cleaning your light bulbs. Dust can vastly decrease light intensity. Clean them with a slightly damp cloth or sponge after you’ve turned them off.

5) White toothpaste doesn’t only keep your mouth white and sparkling, it is an all-around cleaning preparation. Use it to successfully remove stains on wooden furniture, painted walls, and clean your silver jewelry too!

6) Did you hang the holiday decorations with double sided tape? Olive oil can help clean glue, removing residue from stickers and decals. Apply some oil, and when it is saturated rub them off with a wet rag.

7) Want to add a little more light around the home? Choose LEDs accent lighting; they won’t produce heat like conventional bulbs, and they will save you on your next energy bill.

8) Is your home feeling a little drafty? Perhaps it’s time to change your weather stripping. An easy way to check is close a dollar bill in the door. If it comes out easily, it’s probably time to replace.

9) To prevent soot from coming out of the fireplace first, dust the logs with salt before firing. Salted like this, the fireplace will also burn longer.

10) Need to clean your candleholders? An easy way to take off the wax is put them in the microwave oven on low power. After a minute or two the wax will melt off. DON’T PUT METAL CANDLEHOLDERS IN THE MICROWAVE. You can also use the opposite method-place the candleholder in the fridge for an hour, afterwards the wax will detach very easily.

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