Outdoor Strategies To Keep The Indoors Cool

Landscaping Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

It may not seem obvious, but what and how you landscape your yard can significantly impact the temperature of your home.


Shade is an obvious way in which plantings can help keep your interiors naturally cool. Trees and tall, dense shrubbery can both be planted outside with an eye to blocking the sun from streaming full force through your windows during the heat of the day.


The site Home Renovation Guide points out that another, less well-known but also very effective, method of cooling with greenery is something called  “evotranspiration:”


…the process by which a plant moves and gives off water vapor. This process can lower surrounding air temperatures by up to 9 degrees. And because the resulting cooler air directly around the plant settles near the ground, temperatures directly under trees can be as much as 25 degrees cooler.


Other ways in which you can tailor your landscaping to maximize protection from high temperatures include planting shrubs close to your home to shade your windows and walls and installing trellises and vines to create a barrier between the heat of the sun and the inside of your home.


For more tips on staying cool while conserving energy, see these resources:

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