Saving Gas On Your Summer Roadtrips

Tips (and Apps!) to Help You Reduce Your Gas Consumption

Saving gas is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment. In addition to driving less, there are quite a few ways you can positively impact your gas consumption.


Give your brakes a break

      cars consume the most gas while they’re accelerating. Constant slowing and speeding up in traffic uses far more fuel than keeping a relatively constant, possibly slower, speed.


Avoid traffic

      not just because it’s annoying and frustrating, but because driving in traffic often means lots of stopping, and therefore lots of accelerating, which is highly fuel-inefficient (see “give your brakes a break” above)


Plan your route with your computer or smartphone

      check out the traffic conditions on different street and road options ahead of time on your computer or smartphone. Google Maps, both online and mobile, offers a Show/Hide traffic option that is fairly accurate.


MPG is also about PSI

      keep an eye on your tire pressure. Well inflated tires will have a small but positive impact on your fuel consumption, while under-inflated tires will indeed reduce your average MPG.


Price Shop

      regardless of  how well you drive, your car still needs gas. There are plenty of mobile apps (AroundMe and GasBuddy are just two) to help you find nearby gas stations and their pricing.


For more tips and tricks on saving money on gas, check out these resources:

      Open Travel Info’s “How to Save Money on Gas – 29 Tips

      Earth Easy’s “5 Best Ways to Save Gas this Summer

Houston Chronicle Tech Blog’s “Find Cheap Gasoline with Your Smartphone

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