Replace Your Batteries With the Sun

Solar Powered Gadgets Have Become Reality

What could be more eco-friendly than replacing your gas powered lawn mower with one powered by the sun? Although solar powered devices still have a ways to go to be widely accessible and acceptable, they have certainly come a long way in the last few years.

Check out these Solar Gadgets:

Husqvarna’s Automower Solar Hybrid— while this device is not 100 percent solar powered, it is smart enough to return to its charging station on its own when its power runs low.

NovoThink’s Surge iPhone Solar Charger Case— it’s a mouthful, but it does charge your iPhone (3G or 3Gs) minute-for-minute (that is, an hour in the sun gives you an hour of talk time). Read the review on MacLife.

Lumileaf Solar LED Lamp— from Sonelis Technologies comes a table lamp you can put on the table next to the couch in the middle of your living room without worrying about how to get the cord to the wall. Designed to be used inside and outside, the Lumileaf is also water-resistant.

Solar-Powered Window Fan— available on, this fan from Goldmaster uses the heat from the sun to cool down your room.

For more solar-powered gadgets, check out these lists:

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