Keep Your Garbage From Adding to Landfills – The Benefits of Composting

Composting appears to be a “binary” habit in households. Either people swear by it — or swear they’ll never do it. For anyone with outdoor greenery, from lawns to flowers to vegetable gardens, and even for those with indoor potted plants, composting is a terrific way to keep your soil, and your plants, healthy as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Composting is basically managed rotting, which may sound unappealing, but is in fact very beneficial. And easy. You can keep a designated compost bin in your kitchen, and a larger open area outdoors to cultivate your compost. 

A common misconception is that compost stinks. Healthy compost smells like dirt, and in fact, stinky compost is usually a sign that the pile or bin is not being sufficiently aerated.

Compostable materials include more than just dinner leftovers. Greasy pizza boxes and toilet paper rolls are also good candidates. CompostInstructions.comhas a great list of what you should and should not compost, and also breaks down the different components of composting as follows:

·        Carbon— the “browns” in your pile, these include dead leaves, straw and cardboard

·        Nitrogen— the “greens” in your pile, these include grass clippings, food scraps, and coffee grounds (even though they’re brown)

·        Oxygen— if your pile smells like dirt, it’s getting enough oxygen — if it stinks, it needs more

·        Moisture— neither a swamp nor a desert should your compost be, but a richly moist mixture.

For more instructions and recipes on creating your own compost, visit these resources:

·        Compost Instructions

·        Composting 101on Healthy Green Kitchen

·        Compostingon Earth Easy

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