Greening Your Spring Cleaning


The Perfect Time to Reduce, Re-Use, Donate and Recycle

Spring means spring cleaning, which presents perfect opportunities to make your decisions eco-friendly ones.

throw pillows on bed.jpgTree Hugger’s first three steps for green cleaningare 1) reduce, 2) re-use and 3) donate.

  • Reducethe mess and clutter in your home to make cleaning easier and your home more comfortable.
  • Re-useitems in your home for new purposes — can old books be used to create a side-table? Can you paint that old chair and use it outside?
  • Donateeverything that is in good enough shape and let someone else “reuse” your stuff.

tile table top.jpg

Re-using those household items you think are ready for the dumpster (or thrift store) can take some imagination — or research. Eco Chicksuggests turning old shirts or sheets into pillows, curtains or tablecloths, mason jars into soap dispensers, plastic CD cases into photo frames and more. WiseBread lists “10 Ways to Reuse Common Household Items” including using old floor tiles as a new table top or trivet and paper towel cardboard rolls as plastic bag catchers.

If you can’t re-use it or donate it, can it be recycled? These days, there are ways to recycle everything from empty printer toners to old electronics. Check to see if there are local recycling programs near you, or visit one of the many recycling sites online:

  • FreeRecycling.comrecycles ink cartridges, toner cartridges and cell phones, and offers money for some.
  • Recycle4Dollars.comand Recycle4Charityoffer money for cartridges and make it easy to turn your recycling efforts into fundraising efforts for your favorite charity or school.
  • Best Buy’s e-cycle programwill recycle all electronics (“No matter where you bought it, we’ll recycle it”).

For more spring green suggestions, visit Earth 911and Chasing Green.

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