April is Earth Month


People, Organizations & Businesses Around the World Are Taking Action

This year marks the 31st anniversary of Earth Day (April 22) — an event dreamed up by a Senator from Wisconsin and approved of by  none other than President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

It took eight years  before Earth Day became “official” — and in the 30+ years since, Earth Day has blossomed into Earth Week and Earth Month. Earth Day Network (EDN) was founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day held in 1970 to “promote year-round environmental citizenship and action, worldwide. Earth Day Network is a driving force, steering environmental awareness around the world.”

The Earth Day Network has launched a worldwide initiative to encourage a Billion Acts of Green: pledges by individuals, schools, businesses and organizations to adopt specific behavior or take certain actions intended to promote a healthier planet. Currently at more than 96 million “acts of green” and counting, sample pledges include:

  • “I will eat more local food” ~individual pledge
  • “We will organize an Earth Day event” ~organization pledge
  • “I will wash all my clothes in cold water” ~individual pledge
  • “I will bring my own reusable shopping bags to the store” ~individual pledge
  • “Change out our light bulbs” ~organization pledge
  • “Lower my use of bottled water/beverages” ~individual pledge

What can you do this month to go green(er)? 

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