Eco Goes Mobile


Smartphone Apps to Help You Be Green

Being environmentally conscious is simple. Making everyday, informed, environmentally-responsible choices, however — whether on the road, at work, out to dinner, on a trip, even just shopping — isn’t always so easy.

Your phone is here to help.  Culled from lists from TheStir, Forbes and OrganicBugBlog, consider some of these green apps for your phone:

PedNav — ready to ditch your car for your feet (or even a bus)? PedNav will organize your activities and route and create a custom itinerary. Especially handy when you’re in a city you don’t know that well. (Android)

  • FindGreen — from 3rdWhale, this app helps you find green businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.) wherever you are. (iPhone and Android)
  • Eco Buzz — set it to be your homepage and it delivers news, tips and nuggets of information. (Android)
  • greenMeter — want to know how fuel-efficient your car is or how efficiently you’re driving? How about getting personalized tips, based on your car and your driving, on how you can reduce fuel consumption and cost? This is the app for you.  (iPhone)
  • GoodGuideRedLaser meets Greenpeace. Just scan a product’s barcode and GoodGuide returns a report on the product’s health, environment and social responsibility ratings. (iPhone)
  • Greenpeace Tissue Guide — another green app by 3rd Whale, this one helps you choose eco-friendly paper products from toilet paper to tissues. (iPhone and Android)

One more way your phone can help you go green? Opt for paperless statements, something offered by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and many other cell phone providers.

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